Branded Product

Duke Sandwich Company comes from a long-standing tradition dating back almost 100 years. The first Duke sandwich was served in 1917, and we have been serving distinctive spreads and desserts to Southern families ever since. Duke Food Productions continues that legacy with an expansive menu of delicious food products. Our spread line includes Duke Chicken Salad, Duke Pimento Cheese, Duke Ham Pepper & Onion, Duke Cream Cheese, Pecan, & Pineapple, and Duke Egg Salad. Our pound cake line includes Original Pound Cake, Chocolate Pound Cake, Cinnamon Pound Cake, and Orange Pound Cake. We also have specialty and seasonal cakes, including Carrot Cake, Lemonade Cake, and Pumpkin Pound Cake.

Our popularity and the unwavering loyalty from our customers can be directly attributed to our keen attention to detail and dedication to quality. We cook only with ingredients that we would feed our own families, using our traditional recipes, and the result is a uniquely delicious food with a distinctive flavor. All Duke spreads are created using Duke Mayonnaise – a tradition we are proud to continue even today. Contact us today to review our current Duke products available. Please visit our Duke Products page to order product and our History page to learn more about the Duke Brand.