Private Label

If you are grocery retailer, food wholesaler, food service provider, or convenience store looking for a food manufacturer to produce a high-quality food product, then look no more.  We are a solution oriented manufacturer of quality food products, including ready-to-eat spreads, dips, salsas, and desserts.  We have a new state of the art commercial test kitchen utilized for product development and innovation with the latest equipment to develop new recipes and products to meet your specific needs.  Our Research & Development team can develop a particular item for you, or match and even enhance a national brand item.  In this fast paced food industry, it’s hard to get everything done and have it done right.  Let Duke Food Productions help you get the most out of your limited time.  We treat all products we manufacture as if they are our own.  We have the ability to video conference you in to our test kitchen so can visually receive instant feedback on the creation of your products from the convenience of your office.  Contact us today to review your specific private label needs.

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Within the food industry, a great quality product simply isn’t enough to be successful. It is critical to have an experienced partner that knows what it takes to be successful when it comes to quality standards, marketing, regulations, sales, packaging, distribution, and all of the other necessary components. We are more than a manufacturer or co-packing partner. We evaluate and consult with every prospective co-packer partner, whether looking to launch a new product line, or simply expand your business further. We want to help your business grow, and will utilize our experience and supplier partners to assist you in being successful.

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Branded Product

For almost 100 years, our founding company, Duke Sandwich Company, has been serving our distinctive spreads and desserts to families in the south. The popularity of the Duke branded spreads and desserts can be directly attributed to our attention to detail and dedication to quality. One way we distinguish ourselves from our competitors is through our choice of ingredients. We only cook with ingredients we would feed our own families, using our traditional recipes, and the result is uniquely delicious food. From the beginning, all Duke spreads were created using Duke Mayonnaise – a tradition we are proud to continue even today. Contact us today to review all Duke products available. Please visit our Duke Products page to place and order and our History page to learn more about the Duke Brand.

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Food Exporting

We export many products all across the world in the frozen dessert category. If you are looking for a solution within this category and need a wide variety with an extended shelf life, please contact us today. We have marketing plans and strategies to assist in launching successful dessert programs.

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