About Us

We Are About Helping Your Business Grow.

If you have a great product that you’d like to see sold in grocery stores or restaurants, but need help making it happen, look no further!

We opened our first USDA/FDA compliant manufacturing plant in 2006 because our dream was to sell Duke Sandwich spreads and desserts to grocery stores and restaurants, but we were unable to do this without a manufacturing company. We couldn’t keep up with the demand in our restaurants ourselves or find a local manufacturer that would work with our needs and start small. Once our dream of opening our own manufacturing facility came true, we realized we were in a position to help other small businesses without a manufacturer get their products up and running.

When our manufacturing business had grown beyond the capabilities of our first plant, we opened our second USDA/FDA compliant manufacturing plant in 2012.  This new plant increased our square footage four fold and our manufacturing capabilities eight fold. We are excited about our new plant as this opportunity will allow us to serve even more customers in the future to grow their own businesses!

Let us help you build your dream! We will assist you and your small business every step of the way, and will personally handle production, packaging and shipping of your product. You’ll be assured a consistent, quality product in whatever quantity you need, no matter how large or small.

We treat all products we manufacture as if they are our own. We know how important each product is to a small business, and we will not only safeguard your recipe, but help you in any way possible. Since the Duke Sandwich Company has gone through the process already, your business can use our experience and know-how to avoid pitfalls and financial setbacks.

The Duke Difference

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