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Duke Food Productions is one of the top private label food manufacturers, specializing in “homemade” quality foods such as dips, spreads and desserts. We produce a wide range of private label grocery products and excel in quality control, flavor profiling, food safety, and, of course, satisfying the tastes of even the most discerning customers. Some of our recipes are nearly 100 years old; however, we are still devoted to product development and creating fresh, new food traditions, as well. At Duke Food Productions, we are always innovating and finding ways to improve flavor profiles, textures, consistency, shelf-life, and profitability. Whether it’s salsa, pimento cheese, crab dip, chicken salad, or frozen desserts, Duke Food Productions is skilled in producing, co-packing, and exporting quality private label food products. We make sure that we always meet the most stringent of sanitation standards and uphold our integrity and pride in a great culinary legacy of delicious recipes and outstanding service.